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"I enjoy being a volunteer with Harmony Home Health & Hospice. The satisfaction I get from helping the patients is really wonderful"
Kaye M. – A Harmony Hospice Volunteer

"You are rewarded with satisfaction when you know you've made a difference in the life of the patients and their families."
Jean G. – A Harmony Hospice Volunteer

Become a Home Health or Hospice Volunteer Today

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Your smile can cheer up someone’s entire day. Your time can significantly improve their quality of life. Your help with everyday tasks can make the difference between frustration and fulfillment. Every day healthcare volunteers help their neighbors and are rewarded with the appreciation of those they serve.

Who Can Become a Volunteer?

Harmony volunteers are men and women of all ages and backgrounds. From the nine year old boy who plays the piano for residents of long-term care facilities to the eighty-three year old woman who helps prepare meals, healthcare volunteers assist the Harmony Home Health and Hospice staff with patient care and family support.

What Does a Volunteer Do?
Harmony volunteers bring their own special warmth and unique personalities to Home Health and Hospice patients and their families. Volunteers support the services provided by nurses, aides, and family members. They offer comfort and companionship.

• Volunteers in Direct Service
To be a caring, supportive, and empathetic individual, providing help for the patient, family, or other primary caregiver. Services may include:
– Household tasks
– Meal preparation
– Reading
– Playing games
– Companionship
– Childcare
– Yard work
– Support
– Providing a listening ear
– Transportation
– Shopping & running errands
– Emotional support

• Volunteers in Administration
A wide variety of office support and administrative support projects are available.

• Volunteers in Community Education

Volunteers help to familiarize the public with Hospice and Home Health services, dispel misconceptions, and inform the community about the special needs of the homebound and terminally ill.

• Professional “Talent Pool”/Consultant Volunteers

Consulting volunteers include professionals in all walks of life, including: Attorneys, accountants, public relation specialists, pharmacists, spiritual advisors, community clergy, fund raisers, and investment specialist.

What Type of Training is Provided?

Harmony offers extensive training for all volunteers. Topics include communication skills, family dynamics, grief and bereavement, home safety, personal safety, stress management, and infection control. The amount and scope of training a volunteer receives is dependent upon the type of services they will be providing.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please download and complete a volunteer application, then fax or e-mail it to:

For the greater SLC area:
Phone: 801-281-0537
Fax: 801-281-0775

For Davis County & Ogden:
Phone: 801-776-9386
Fax: 801-776-9399

For Utah County:
Phone: 801-434-9004
Fax: 801-434-9063

For Tooele:
Phone: 435-843-9054
Fax: 435-843-1120

For Albuquerque:
Phone: 505-828-2273
Fax: 505-898-1449





“We switched to Harmony because a previous agency couldn’t keep the same staff coming. A friend who is a professional caregiver had used Harmony and recommended them to us. We loved our Harmony nurse, Stacy. She was a gift from God, and Maria was a piece of Heaven. I don’t know what we would have done without them.”
– Yvette, Caregiver

“Your service was perfect, dignified. The aides were wonderful, they went above and beyond. You made the process beautiful and I hope I will have the same opportunity when my time comes.”
– Joyce G, daughter of Harmony patient

“I put all my faith in Harmony and you never let me down.”
– Afton H, wife of Harmony patient

“This was so much better than in the hospital. Your staff came through the worst snowstorm, the worst day of the year. I don't know how they did it, but they made it.”
— Lavelle L, wife of Harmony patient

"My therapist is incredible!  He always arrives on time and is a big help to me as I learn how to walk again.  Thank you Harmony." 
– Sally
"The service at Harmony is amazing.  We have never experienced such a caring, professional, and competent group of people.  They have really helped us." 
– Bill
"Harmony was there for us when we did not  know where to turn.  My wife was getting out of the hospital  and I had no idea how I was going to manage her care all by myself.  Harmony provided all of the care necessary to get her back on her feet." 
– George
"Thank you Harmony.  As my mother was approaching the end of her life, I felt like the nurses and chaplains at your company went the extra mile when visiting us.  They added an unexpected level of service that made all the difference."  
– John
"I love working at Harmony. The most satisfying part of my job as a nurse is going into the home of a patient and improving their quality of life. Our patients are our number one priority."
– Mary




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