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How Home Healthcare Can Help Prevent Another Hospital Visit for Your Loved Ones

There’s currently a high priority for hospitals: lowering readmissions for high-risk patients. Healthcare Financial Management Association’s article “Two Ways Hospitals Can Reduce Avoidable Readmissions” shares that effective initiatives from several hospitals with low 30-day rehospitalizations are, to a certain extent, the result of collaborating with inpatient and outpatient care providers, like Harmony Home Health & Hospice, who can supply a continuum of care with professional geriatric and pediatric private duty nursing services. Read More

Bernalillo Home Healthcare Services

Situated between the northwest slope of the picturesque Sandia Mountains and Rio Grande, and not far from Albuquerque, Bernalillo is a vibrant and friendly community that is home to many families and seniors. Read More

Professional Home Health and Hospice Services in Belen, NM

Thanks to the long-standing history and sense of community, it’s no wonder people call Belen, NM home for generations. For seniors, that sense of community is established through deep ties to neighbors and extended families and in traditions such as the annual Hispano Matanza, held each January and known as the largest matanza in the world. Read More

Orem/Provo City

Located just south of Salt Lake City, the Orem/Provo communities are ideal places for families, students and seniors. Situated in the breathtaking Utah Valley, these communities are surrounded by the natural beauty of the Wasatch Range, Mount Timpanogos and Utah Lake. Read More

Tips to Ensure Your Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Is Accurate

For a short definition, Harvard Health describes that the top number (systolic pressure) measures artery pressure at the moment the heart beats (whenever your heart contracts), while the bottom number (diastolic pressure) monitors the pressure in between heartbeats (when the heart is resting). Read More