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Creative Ways to Brighten the Holidays for Those with Chronic Illness

How to Make the Holidays Merry & Bright for Those with Chronic Illness
There’s nothing better than gathering the whole family together to celebrate the warmth of the holiday season, and this is just as true for older adults. Read More

Meal Tips Diabetics Can Truly Be Thankful For!

Celebrate a Healthier Thanksgiving with Diabetes
Thanksgiving is full of temptations to indulge, and it’s easy to convince ourselves that it’s ok to forget about the diet just this once. But for diabetics, even one day of overindulgence can lead to serious health concerns. Read More

Do I Really Need a Flu Shot?

Why You Need a Flu Shot
Is there anything better than the fall, with its refreshing cooler weather, colorful changing leaves, and…the flu? Unfortunately, flu season kicks in along with the more positive aspects of autumn, leading to the great debate on whether or not we should receive a flu shot. Read More

Top Benefits of Occupational Therapy

Top Benefits of Occupational Therapy
For many older adults, performing everyday activities that once required very little thought can become challenging, whether the result of a surgical procedure, fall or other type of injury, or cognitive decline. Read More

Healthy Transitions from Hospital to Home

Create a Safer Transition from Hospital to Home
Receiving the green light from hospital staff that a senior is free to return home is such a relief, but can also raise a variety of questions and concerns. Read More

Finding Peace in Hospice Care

Understanding the Peace that Hospice Care Brings
Taking the first step to accept hospice care is never easy. Yet once families discover the blanket of support a professional hospice care team provides, they’re able to experience a degree of relief in knowing they’re not alone throughout their journey, and that their loved one will have the most comfortable and highest possible quality of life during this time. Read More