Ensure Good Nutrition for Elderly Parents by Answering These Questions

Learn the red flags that could indicate problems with nutrition for elderly parents.

A mother’s love for her children has no age limit. And parents of all ages want above all else to safeguard their children from problems, which in some cases can mean hiding their own problems. On top of that, when loved ones live at a distance, it can be difficult to really know for certain just how healthy elderly parents are.

One of the main concerns of growing older is the decline in satisfying nutritional requirements. To ensure good nutrition for elderly parents, the following quick evaluation can help detect potential warning signs:

  1. Has the senior revealed a loss of appetite, issues with digestion, or chewing or swallowing difficulties? Has there been a reduction in food ingestion over the past several months as a result?
  2. Has the older adult encountered a weight reduction over the last several months? Losing weight, particularly for seniors with a more inactive lifestyle, can signify that the person is not eating adequately.
  3. Does your loved one have a problem with mobility? Being confined to the home can lead to dietary obstacles, as it is more difficult to get groceries or fix meals.
  4. Has the older adult been under psychological stress or suffered from an acute disease in the past few months?
  5. What is the senior’s body mass index (BMI)? A BMI of 18.5 or lower may signify that the person is not eating enough, while a BMI of 30 or higher can signify obesity. 

If you discover through answering these questions that a senior loved one could be experiencing problems with nutrition, it’s a good idea to consult with his or her primary care physician. Harmony Home Health and Hospice can also help enhance health and wellbeing  for older individuals through a full range of skilled in-home care services like:

  • Medication management
  • Vital signs monitoring
  • Wound care
  • IV and nutrition therapy
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy
  • And more 

As one of the leading Utah home health companies, our home health care team is compassionate, background screened and available for as much or as little care as needed. You can reach us online or call our care team at 1-877-I-NEED-CARE (1-877-463-3322) to learn more. See our full service area here.