Home Care Can Help Address the Barriers to Technology Use in Seniors

Technology can be very helpful to seniors who want to increase independence and quality of life.

These days, seniors are flooded with a plethora of hi-tech products focused on enhancing their self-reliance and safety and contributing to life enhancement. With the touch of a button or two, we can instantly visit “in person” with friends and relatives through Skype or Zoom, wear a necklace that reacts with emergency assistance when necessary, even remain safe from getting lost with specialized receptors attached to clothes or shoes. The tools are plentiful but there are real barriers to technology use in seniors. 

The primary question is how to motivate older individuals (and family members who care for them) to shift from a low-tech mentality to embracing all that’s available to them, something that’s always top of mind for us at Harmony Home Health & Hospice. A recent Caring.com survey indicated that as few as 15% of families providing care for senior loved ones are actually utilizing technology. 

The frequent barriers to technology use in seniors:  

  • A perceived stigma. Some people consider the use of certain technology, such as medical alert jewelry, as a loss of their self-reliance. 
  • Requiring help. Problem-solving with technology causes many older adults and their caregivers to quit attempting to get gadgets to work.  
  • Lack of time. Setting aside time to learn and try something new is particularly challenging for busy families who care for their loved ones.  

If you want to try and integrate medical technology into a home health care plan but are encountering these issues, call on Harmony Home Health & Hospice for assistance. Our qualified and patient caregivers in Provo and nearby areas can help tackle the technological barriers to home health by:   

  • Suggesting home health technology that matches a loved one’s issues   
  • Setting up and providing training on how to use the home health technology  

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