The Surprising New Way of Managing Hot Flashes for Breast Cancer Survivors

managing hot flashes for breast cancer survivors - hospice orem

Managing hot flashes is now easier for breast cancer survivors.

For quite a few survivors of breast cancer, managing hot flashes – sometimes as often as several times each and every day – makes daily life a challenge. And even though there are a variety of treatment solutions available, one surprising approach is starting to gain in popularity: acupuncture.

In a recent scientific study, 120 women were provided with a variety of treatments, reporting the number of occurrences and severity of their hot flashes over periods of time of 8, 16 and 24 weeks. Not only did acupuncture outperform medications in its ability to offer lasting relief, but even a “counterfeit” variation of the acupuncture rated virtually as high.

Right now, it’s unclear whether acupuncture is suggested (and effective) for menopausal hot flashes. The symptoms are usually more severe in breast cancer survivors, who also do not have the alternative of hormone replacement therapy that other menopausal women might be able to think about using. Anyone contemplating acupuncture for relief from hot flashes should first consult with her doctor.

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