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Senior Safety: Is Bathing Dangerous To Your Health?

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Make bathing safer for seniors with these tips.

Think for one minute about all the steps you go through to take a bath.

First, you step over a high tub wall while attempting to maintain balance.

Then, you lower yourself into the tub using your arm strength.

And all of this is accomplished on a wet, slippery surface—without the benefit of wearing shoes for traction.

There are ways to improve senior safety in the bathroom, however. One option to consider is purchasing a new bathtub with a transfer bench constructed into the side. To get into the bathtub safely, you take a seat on the ledge and swing your legs in to the tub. Then, you can use grab bars and rails to lower yourself into the water. Additionally, there are “accessible bathtubs” available today. These bathtubs enable you to walk in to the tub through a door in the tub wall. As soon as the door closes, it seals the opening so you can fill the tub with water.

Can’t afford an innovative new tub? Make your existing tub safer by placing a non-slip mat on the floor of the tub and installing grab bars and hand rails. And make sure there are places to put the towel and shampoo so they can be reached from a seated position.

At Harmony Home Health Care & Hospice, we can help point out potential hazards in a senior’s home that could impact safety. Additionally, our professional caregivers can help your loved one with safe bathing and dressing, nursing services and more, all in the comfort of home. Contact us today at 1-877-463-3322 to find out how a home health aide in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas can help improve senior safety.